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We strive to provide a “boutique” experience, which begins with partnering with the best and oldest vendors in the shuk, guaranteeing a consistent supply of the highest quality goods. We choose our products carefully, paying close attention to aesthetics, freshness and taste, while also ensuring an extended shelf life (or “fridge life”) to guarantee that nothing will go to waste. Our products are packed hermetically so that they arrive in perfect condition. Lastly, and most importantly, our service is unparalleled: we execute our deliveries in an efficient and timely manner, and respond quickly to suggestions, complaints, and requests.

Our Vision

We love nature. We love holding a fresh vegetable that just arrived from the fields in the palm of our hands, tasting nuts and seeds packed with vitality and health, and above all, we love connecting with people.
In 2013, we founded this service to share our love of nature, and bring the best of the fields straight to your door.

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